TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

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(January 25, 2023)
Mojena Market Timing Ltd ends the tracking of "Mojena Aggressive and Standard."
(January 9, 2023)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds six new strategies to be tracked called "Teabull Stock Market ST, Bond Market ST, Gold Market ST, Stock Market MT, Bond Market MT, and Gold Market MT."
(January 8, 2023)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd ends the tracking of "Teabull Stock Market, Bond Market, and Gold Market."
(December 9, 2022)
TSP Timing ends the tracking of "TSP Timing-Election Cycle Strategy."
(November 26, 2022)
TheDowTheory.com adds one new strategy to be tracked called "Blay Timing Indicator."
(November 3, 2022)
Scarecrow Trading adds a new strategy to be tracked called "Scarecrow High 5".

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Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Last week the index rose 0.6% after rising 1.7% the week before. Since its last dip on January 3rd, 2023, it has jumped by 8.1%.

Australia's Market

On short-to-medium-term trend analysis, the All-Ords index is strongly bullish. Its price momentum as measured by the MACD oscillator is also strongly positive though slowing in the last week. On medium-to-long-term trend analysis, the All-Ords index is bullish. The Coppock momentum index went negative in September 2022 but in January 2023 turned up after hesitating to do so in December.

America's Market

America’s S&P500 share index is bullish on short-to-medium-term trend analysis. Its MACD momentum indicator has been positive since January 6th, 2023. The US share market’s medium-to-long-term trend indicators went bearish in May 2022.

Sector Analysis

Within Australia, Gold (GOLD.ax) retains its position as the sole major sector showing positive price momentum. Resources (QRE.ax) shows zero momentum, while Finance (OZF.ax) has slightly negative momentum. Property (SLF.ax) is still strongly negative, though less so over the last month.

Globally, Gold (GOLD.ax) has been joined by Other Developed Markets (IVE.ax) as the only asset class showing positive momentum. By contrast, the US Market (IVV.ax) and Emerging Markets (IEM.ax) continue to show negative momentum, though the latter much less so over the last month.

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