TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

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(April 6, 2022)
The Ord Oracle ends the tracking of 2 strategies called "The Ord Oracle and The Ord Oracle Precious Metals."
(January 29, 2022)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds three new strategies to be tracked called "Teabull Stock Market, Bond Market, and Gold Market."
(January 28, 2022)
ReturnStream LLC ends tracking of one strategy called "ReturnStream XAUGold."
(January 19, 2022)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd ends the tracking of all active strategies.
(January 3, 2022)
Volatimer ends the tracking of all active strategies.

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Leveraged Momentum

Monday, April 11, 2022

Our LevBands strategy continues to experience whipsaw whiplash. It sold $UPRO recently due to its price falling to the price indicated by its algorithm (cover your assets) and then bought it back again last week when it rose to its indicator (buy low). $UPRO will be sold again when it falls to the price indicated by the algorithm for this strategy. The higher incidence of whipsaw when using this strategy seems to be the primary factor causing its long-term return to be lower than the Leveraged Crosses (LevCrosses) strategy--and that lower return is the reason LevCrosses is a component of the Optimum Mix rather than LevBands. Click through to TimerTrac to see a 21.94% annualized return for the LevBands strategy since tracking began on 4/27/16.

Our LevCrosses strategy will continue to hold $UPRO until its indicator turns negative (cover your assets). LevCrosses is a component of the Optimum Mix so transactions do impact the Optimum Mix positions/percentages. Click through to TimerTrac to see a 21.51% annualized return since tracking began on 4/10/18.

TQQQTrends remains in $TQQQ. Click through to TimerTrac to see a 35.48% annualized return since tracking began on 11/24/18.  FNGUTrends sold FNGU a few weeks ago when it fell to the price indicated by its algorithm (cover your assets). This strategy will buy FNGU when it rises back to its buy indicator (buy low). Click through to TimerTrac to see a 118.42% annualized return since tracking began on 4/7/20.

Performance data and charts for each of these strategies along with the index of your choice (for comparison) can be obtained on the Graphs page of the TimerTrac site.


Sunday, April 10, 2022

The global government bond risk benchmark (GBMR) closed higher at a high-risk rating of 98%.
The regional bond risk indication for the US, Canada, and Western Europe remained unchanged at a high-risk score of 100%.

Quick info:
A risk level equal to or above 60% indicates a rather high-risk and unfavorable market environment.

The broad global bond risk rating (GBMR) tracks sovereign debt issued by the 21 most important countries (e.g., US Treasury Bonds).

Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, April 2, 2022

On short-to-medium term trend analysis both the Australian and US equity markets are bullish notwithstanding fears that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will destabilize Europe and push up already high oil, gas, and grain prices. Also, investors seem to have shrugged off concerns about runaway inflation causing central banks to raise interest rates too quickly. But they are now worried that the US Federal Reserve intends to squeeze credit by selling down the stockpile of bonds it bought during the pandemic at a faster pace than expected.

On medium-to-long term trend analysis, both markets are bullish though they came close to going bearish in mid-March. Notwithstanding rising interest rates, a rolling pandemic, and now the Ukraine war, the outlook for company earnings globally remains strong. And many companies are using temporary supply shortages to permanently increase their prices and thereby their profit margins.

Stock Index Timing.com

Sunday, April 3, 2022
I am expecting a market bounce from late next week to mid-May.
I believe this bounce is just a bounce in the bear market. I do not believe we have seen the washout needed to call the end of the bear market. My market cycle forecast suggests the washout will happen in September and October giving a great long-term buying opportunity.

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