TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

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(April 21, 2022)
Leveraged Momentum starts the tracking of one strategy called "LevTrends from Leveraged Momentum."
(April 6, 2022)
The Ord Oracle ends the tracking of 2 strategies called "The Ord Oracle and The Ord Oracle Precious Metals."
(January 29, 2022)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds three new strategies to be tracked called "Teabull Stock Market, Bond Market, and Gold Market."
(January 28, 2022)
ReturnStream LLC ends tracking of one strategy called "ReturnStream XAUGold."
(January 19, 2022)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd ends the tracking of all active strategies.
(January 3, 2022)
Volatimer ends the tracking of all active strategies.

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Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, April 23, 2022

The All-Ords share price index fell 0.7% last week after rising 0.6% the week before. 

On short-to-medium term trend analysis, the Australian equity markets remain bullish though the US market has now gone bearish. The IMF and World Bank are each warnings that global economic growth will be lower and inflation higher dues to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine pushing up already high fuel, fertilizer, food, and base metal prices. Also, there is a rising fear that high inflation might persist which would force central banks to squeeze credit and raise interest rates.

On medium-to-long term trend analysis both the Australian and American markets are bullish though they came close to going bearish in mid-March. Notwithstanding rising interest rates, a rolling pandemic, and now the Ukraine war, the outlook for company earnings globally remains strong. And many companies are using temporary supply shortages to permanently increase their prices and thereby their profit margins.

America’s return to bearish conditions on short-to-medium term trend analysis could cause Australia’s market to fall further next week. 


Sunday, April 24, 2022

Our gold risk rating (GXAUR) finished higher at a new medium risk score of 50%.

Quick info:
A risk level equal to or above 60% indicates a relatively high-risk and unfavorable market environment.

The comprehensive gold risk rating (GXAUR) measures the risk of spot gold investments denominated in USD.

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