TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Russia-Ukraine War
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View of the Market

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(January 29, 2022)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds three new strategies to be tracked called "Teabull Stock Market, Bond Market, and Gold Market."
(January 28, 2022)
ReturnStream LLC ends tracking of one strategy called "ReturnStream XAUGold."
(January 19, 2022)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd ends the tracking of all active strategies.
(January 3, 2022)
Volatimer ends the tracking of all active strategies.

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I believe we are approaching the most important investment decision of the next 50 years.

Like the 1970s, the Government has used inflation to devalue our debt to make it seem small relative to GDP.  They are raising GDP through inflation to make the debt more manageable. 
I believe over the next 10 months the market will set a low that will stand as the beginning of a 300% rise. 
The S&P fell 15% from the high to the recent low. I believe somewhere around 25% to 30% down (30% down from 4800 is around 3000) will be the buying opportunity of the next 50 years.
The NASDAQ decline could be 50% or 60%. The Russell small cap decline could be 40% or 50%.

Market Timing in Australia

The All-Ords share price index rose by 3.2% last week after a 0.8% fall the week before.

On short-to-medium term trend analysis, the Australian and US equity markets are bearish on fears that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will destabilize Europe and push up already high oil, gas, and grain prices.

On medium-to-long term trend analysis, both markets remain bullish, though the headspace before they turn bearish has significantly narrowed. Notwithstanding rising interest rates, a rolling pandemic, and now the Ukraine war, the outlook for company earnings globally remains strong. And many companies are using temporary supply shortages to permanently increase their prices and thereby their profit margins.

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