TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19

TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19

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(July 14, 2021)
Equity Defense adds two new strategies to be tracked called "Equity Defense Bond Loss Offset and Extreme S&P Short."
(June 11, 2021)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd ends the tracking of all strategies.
(April 16, 2021)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds two new strategies to be tracked called "Teabull XLT Stock Market Premium and Composite Stock Market Premium."
(April 13, 2021)
RISXX Inc. adds two new strategies to be tracked called "RISXX Gold Risk Strategy and US Bond Risk Strategy."
(April 6, 2021)
ETFOptimize.com starts tracking with one new strategy called "ETFOptimize ULTIMATE 6-Model (9 ETF) Combo Strategy."
(March 18, 2021)
Trend Focused Investor (TFI) starts tracking with 4 new strategies called "TFI S&P 500 Long Only, Long/Short and Nasdaq Long Only and Long/Short."
(March 15, 2021)
ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. changes the name of one strategy from "ProfitScore - LTSX" to "ProfitScore Equity Advantage Adaptive."
(March 13, 2021)
ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. ends the tracking of two strategies called "ProfitScore Equity Plus and Equity Max."

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Market Timing in Australia

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Australia's Market

The Australian stock market is bullish on short-to-medium-term trend analysis. Its price momentum as measured by its MACD oscillator turned negative again four weeks ago. The All-Ords index has been bullish on medium-to-long-term trend analysis. The index is now 5.2% above its peak before the crash of 2020.

America's Market

America’s S&P500 share index is bullish on short-to-medium term trend analysis. Its MACD momentum indicator after going negative on the 17th of June returned to being positive three weeks ago. But last Friday went negative again after the share index fell over the previous four days.

The US share market’s medium-to-long-term trend and momentum remain extraordinarily strong. The index is now 27.8% above its peak before the crash of 2020.

Stock Index Timing.com

Saturday, July 17, 2021

I expected a short-term up phase July 8 to August 6, consisting of an up week, then pause down week, then up week. The up week for last week did not set up, so I remained on my neutral signal. I may end up staying on the sideline through my next short term cycle top on August 6

PPE: Price to Peak Earnings shows the market overvalued similar to past extremes like the extremely overvalued markets in 2000, 1987, 1973, 1966, 1929.

Market Cycle Forecast: DOne week pause then bounce to August 3-6. 

New Active Traders Index failed to confirm market highs and suggests selling is building.

COT updates:

S&P 500 - Negative

Nasdaq - Negative

Russell 2000 - Negative

Gold - Positive

Silver - Positive

Swiss - Positive


Sunday, July 18, 2021

The global government bond risk benchmark (GBMR) closed lower at a low-risk rating of 13%.
The regional bond risk indication for the US, Canada, and Western Europe declined to a low-risk score of 0%.

Quick info:
A risk level equal to or above 60% indicates a rather high-risk and unfavorable market environment.

The broad global bond risk rating (GBMR) is tracking sovereign debt issued by the 21 most important countries (e.g., US Treasury Bonds). The GBMR comprises three regional risk ratings.

Leveraged Momentum

Monday, July 19, 2021

Uncertainty continues to cause volatility. How many Covid cases and deaths will variants cause in the weeks and months to come? What impact will countermeasures or lack thereof have on the economy and the markets? How severe will inflation be and which sectors will be impacted the most? How long will it take for various countries to achieve herd immunity?

Our LevBands strategy sold UPRO Monday when it fell to its stop price (CYA) and will buy it again when it rises to its indicator (buy low). TimerTrac shows an annualized return of +27.49% for the LevBands strategy since tracking began on 4/27/16.
Our LevCrosses strategy is holding UPRO but has an order scheduled to sell when its indicator falls to the necessary level (CYA). TimerTrac shows an annualized return of +32.05% since tracking began on 4/10/18.
TQQQTrends remains in TQQQ. TimerTrac shows an annualized return of +53.72% since tracking began on 11/24/18.
FNGUTrends remains in FNGU. TimerTrac shows an annualized return of +396.55% since tracking began on 4/7/20.

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