TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19

TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19


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(November 11, 2020)
AheadOfTheTrend adds one new strategy to be tracked called "AheadOfTheTrend StrikeX-R."
(October 26, 2020)
PhD Smart Investing adds one new strategy to be tracked called "PhD Smart Investing Dynamic."
(October 26, 2020)
Harloff Capital Management ends the tracking of one strategy called "Harloff University Beta Strategies: US Dollar."
(October 21, 2020)
PING Strategies starts tracking with four strategies called "PING GenX Counter Trend S&P500, Hybrid Momentum Nasdaq 100, Hybrid Momentum S&P 500, and Relative Value."
(October 20, 2020)
Charles Capital LLC ends the tracking of one strategy called "Charles Capital Leveraged Nasdaq."
(September 21, 2020)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd changes the name of six strategies from "Teabull Stock Market ST/MT, Bond Market ST/MT, and Gold Market ST/MT" to "Teabull ST/MT Stock Market Premium, ST/MT Gold Market Premium, and ST/MT Bond Market Premium."
(September 18, 2020)
Two Corner ends the tracking of three strategies called "Two Corner Double Drop, RSI(2) IBS, and Flow Past".

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Market Timing in Australia

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Australian Market: 

The Australian share market has just completed its strongest month in 32 years. During November, the All Ords index jumped by 11.1% whereas the MSCI world share index rose 7.7% in Australian dollar terms. Over the same period, the Australian dollar’s increased against the US dollar by 5.0%.

Short-to-Medium-Term Trend Analysis:

Since bottoming on the 2nd October, the Australian All Ords share index has been bullish on short-to-medium term trend and momentum analysis. Its 10-day trend line has stayed above its 30-day one, but its MACD momentum oscillator has been slowing since mid-November. Indeed, the market’s pullback in the last week has been the sharpest since October.

Medium-to-long-term Trend Analysis:

Since the 20th October 20th, the Ords index has been bullish on medium-to-long-term trend analysis because its 30-day trend line has been above its 300-day one. The Coppock momentum indicator confirms the Australian share market crash of February-March (the first crash since 2007-09) is finally over. 

American Market: 

Notwithstanding America’s biggest political and health crisis in decades, its stock market is buoyant thanks to earlier news of the Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough.  

After experiencing a small pullback between the 16th and 20th November it has climbed to a new record high last Friday.  The main concern with the US equity market is that it continues to overstretch to an extent that has analysts worried that a major pullback or correction is imminent. investors have piled into equity funds, have a high level of confidence about the future, and there is complete evaporation of “short-interest” in the market.

Finally, the REA Pro Market Greed/Fear Gauge is back to extreme greed which often happens at the top of a market.

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