TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19
TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19

TimerTrac Broadcast – Market Timers’ View Amid Covid-19

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(September 21, 2020)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd changes the name of six strategies from "Teabull Stock Market ST/MT, Bond Market ST/MT, and Gold Market ST/MT" to "Teabull ST/MT Stock Market Premium, ST/MT Gold Market Premium, and ST/MT Bond Market Premium."
(September 18, 2020)
Two Corner ends the tracking of three strategies called "Two Corner Double Drop, RSI(2) IBS, and Flow Past".
(September 16, 2020)
KMW Timing, LLC ends tracking of one strategy called "KMW Timing TQQQ/SQQQ."
(September 1, 2020)
Michael Hartmann adds one new strategy to be tracked called "Michael Hartmann Maximum Return."
(August 31, 2020)
ReturnStream LLC adds one new strategy to be tracked called "ReturnStream DIVERSIFIED."
(August 28, 2020)
Michael Hartmann starts tracking with four strategies called "Michael Hartmann Rapid Response-Equity, Rapid Response-Bonds, Daily ETF, and Timed Sectors."
(August 27, 2020)
Pickens Asset Management adds one new strategy to be tracked called "Pickens Asset Management Hybrid."
(August 27, 2020)
Four Seasons Capital Growth ends tracking of one strategy called "Four Seasons 4CSNS2.0."
(August 21, 2020)
1german changes developer name to Quantified Market Psychology (QMP).
(August 15, 2020)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds three new strategies to be tracked called "Teabull Stock Market, Bond Market, and Gold Market."
(August 3, 2020)
PING Strategies starts tracking with one strategy called "PING Strategies GenX Counter Trend."
(July 23, 2020)
Ramsland Technology starts tracking with one strategy called "Ramsland Tech QQQ on Open."
(July 20, 2020)
TimingPundit ends the tracking of three strategies called "TimingPundit UltraPro Peak Long, L/S, and L/S Leveraged."
(July 1, 2020)
AheadOfTheTrend adds one new strategy to be tracked called "AheadOfTheTrend StrikeX."
(June 28, 2020)
The Scary Guy Report ends the tracking of two strategies called "The Scary Guy Report Income Portfolio and S&P 500 Signals."

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Leveraged Momentum

Monday, October 5, 2020

New questions have been added to the mix this week: Will President Trump recover quickly? How will his illness impact the election? What impact will the election have on the markets and the economy? When added to the previous questions, increased uncertainty and volatility seem inevitable. Will Congress pass another round of stimulus? Will the pandemic spike again? When will a vaccine be available? When will the majority of people be vaccinated? Which sectors will recover and which are permanently reduced?

Our LevBands strategy bought UPRO recently when it fell below its lower band and then rose back to that level at least one day later (buy low). An order is scheduled to sell when it falls to its stop price (CYA). (TimerTrac shows an annualized return of +17.62% for the LevBands strategy since tracking began on 4/27/16).

TQQQTrends remains in TQQQ (TimerTrac shows an annualized return of +20.65% since tracking began on 11/24/18).
Leveraged FANG (FNGUTrends) is in FNGU (performance data will be referenced 15 days after one year of tracking on TimerTrac which began 4/7/20).

Performance data and charts for each of these strategies along with the index of your choice (for comparison) can be obtained on the Graphs page of the TimerTrac site.


Monday, October 5, 2020

The global US Dollar risk score (GUSDR) changed to a new high-risk level. The GUSDR finished higher at 73%.

The global EUR risk rating (GEURR) closed higher at a new medium risk reading of 42%.

The global cryptocurrencies basket risk score rose to a new high-risk rating of 69%.

Quick info:

Generally, a risk level equal to or above 60% indicates a rather high-risk and unfavorable market environment.

The comprehensive and broad US Dollar risk score (GUSDR) is tracking a basket of 14 main US Dollar cross rates, such as the EUR/USD pair.

The broad GEURR is monitoring a basket of 14 primary EUR cross rates, such as the USD/EUR exchange rate.

Our global cryptocurrencies basket seeks to measure the risk of cryptocurrencies investments denominated in USD.

Market Timing in Australia

Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Australian All Ords share price index continues to be bearish on short-to-medium term trend analysis. Its red 10-day trendline still below its green 30-day one and its brown MACD momentum indicator has turned negative again.

On medium to long-term trend analysis, the All Ords has been bearish since March. Its dalliance with almost going bullish in late August/early September is over with its green 30-day trendline now falling away from its blue 300-day trendline. Its brown Coppock momentum indicator continues to fall. Until it turns up we can’t be confident the bear market is over.

Both the bearish and bullish scenarios have merit, but both cannot be right. Either the future is bright or bleak unless of course we just muddle through. In any case, the only way to know what is happening is to trend-follow what the market actually does. There is no guesswork in that. And as of last Friday, its position was bearish.

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