Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast
Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

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(March 6, 2020)
RISXX Inc. starts tracking with two strategies called "RISXX US Stock Risk Strategy and Rating."
(February 28, 2020)
AheadOfTheTrend adds one new strategy to be tracked called "AheadOfTheTrend Strike."
(February 28, 2020)
Glance Financial Advisors LLC adds one new strategy to be tracked called "GLANCE_VIX."
(February 21, 2020)
MG Timing ends tracking of one strategy called " MG Timing Tech Strategy."
(January 31, 2020)
ReturnStream LLC adds one new strategy to be tracked called "ReturnStream XAUGold."
(January 29, 2020)
Zeelotes' MI Solutions adds one new strategy to be tracked called "Zeelotes' SMETS."







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Leveraged Momentum

Monday, March 9, 2020

The fear of the impact of the coronavirus is dominant.
Please keep in mind that the return figures below are delayed by 15 days so current return figures are substantially lower due to the recent selloff.

Our LevBands strategy is in cash and will buy UPRO when it rises to its lower band (buy low). (TimerTrac shows an annualized return of 18.61% since tracking began on 4/27/16). LevCrosses remains in UPRO (an annualized return of 45.31% since began tracking on TimerTrac on 4/10/18). TQQQTrends remains in TQQQ (TimerTrac shows an annualized return of 118.49% since tracking began on 11/24/18). UPROTrends was in UPRO before the market opened today but UPRO fell to its trailing stop price so it was sold (CYA). This strategy will buy UPRO when it rises back to its buy indicator (buy low; performance data will be referenced after one year of tracking on TimerTrac which began 3/25/19).
LevIndex is also invested 100% in UPRO (performance data will be referenced after one year of tracking on TimerTrac which began 9/16/19).

Performance data and charts for each of these strategies along with the index of your choice (for comparison) can be obtained on the Graphs page of the TimerTrac site.

Market Timing Australia

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Our Share Market Traffic Light is on AMBER this week.

The Traffic Light is on Green when the Australian share market shows both positive short and long-term trends. It’s on Red when these trends are both negative. It’s on Amber when one of these trends is positive and the other is negative.

Market Movements over the last week:

  • The Australian All Ords index fell 3.4% from 6511.5 to 6287.5
  • The American S&P 500 Index rose 0.6% from 2954.2 to 2972.4 
Australia: The Chinese Coronavirus again was the main factor driving the local market this week as the impact on supply chains and the world economy in general starts to become better understood. The banks were especially hard hit as bond yields collapsed and fears of a rise in bad debts grew. Retail and technology stocks also suffered a rout.

America:  US markets had a mixed week with wild gyrations on a daily basis, however by week's end they managed to post a modest rise, powered in part by a big rise in nonfarm payrolls. Fears linger, however, as a potential disruption to the global economy from the coronavirus has yet to be quantified accurately.

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