Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast
Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

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(December 20, 2019)
The Ord Oracle starts tracking with two new strategies called "The Ord Oracle and The Ord Oracle Precious Metals."
(December 16, 2019)
BluStar Market Timer adds two new strategies to be tracked called "BluStar Stock Market Timer and Precious Metals Timer."
(December 14, 2019)
AbleCharting starts tracking with one new strategy called "AbleCharting."
(December 11, 2019)
ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. adds three new strategies to be tracked called "ProfitScore Equity Trend, Equity Plus, and Equity Max."







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Market Timing Australia

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Our Share Market Traffic Light is on Green this week.

(The Traffic Light is on Green when the Australian share market shows both positive short and long-term trends. It’s on Red when these trends are both negative. It’s on Amber when one of these trends is positive and the other is negative.)

Market Movements over the last week:

The Australian All Ords index rose 1.3% from 6844.6 to 6931.2

The American S&P 500 Index rose 1.7% from 3168.8 to 3221.2

Australia: Last week's news of a trade deal between the US and China and the solid result in the UK elections continued to lift the local market this week. Unemployment figures released this week showed a decrease in unemployment, reducing the likelihood of a cut in interest rates in the short term. However, most experts are expecting that a fall in job advertisements is a sign that this situation is about to reverse, so the numbers should be viewed with caution.

America: the US posted a solid rise in his week on the same news on China and Brexit that boosted markets around the world. Consumer spending provided some welcome positive news along with other data suggesting that the chances of a recession are fading.

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