Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast
Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

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(December 14, 2019)
AbleCharting starts tracking with one new strategy called "AbleCharting."
(December 11, 2019)
ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. adds three new strategies to be tracked called "ProfitScore Equity Trend, Equity Plus, and Equity Max."
(December 6, 2019)
The Smart Retirement Investor, Indextimer1, and TheSectorTimer, all managed by the same individual, end the tracking of all four strategies.
(December 3, 2019)
Robert Pfeffenberger starts tracking with one new strategy called "Robert Pfeffenberger Enhanced Sector Trend Chaser."
(November 27, 2019)
TSP Timing ends the tracking of one strategy called "ETF Timing."
(November 18, 2019)
The Scary Guy Report adds two new strategies to be tracked called "The Scary Guy Report Investment Portfolio and Income Portfolio."
(November 18, 2019)
GYRA adds two new strategies to be tracked called "GYRA Account Management System and Management System II."
(November 7, 2019)
The Scary Guy Report starts tracking with one new strategy called "The Scary Guy The Razzmattaz Wave."







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Sniper Market Timing

Monday, December 16, 2019

The Global Bond Market Risk Rating (GBMR) finishes higher at 76% and remains at a high-risk reading. Last week the GBMR reached a high-risk level of 69%.  The Regional Bond Market Risk Rating (RBMR) for Latin America is showing the best performance with a new low-risk reading of 25%. Last week the rating was 50% (new medium risk).  On the contrary, the RBMR for the Asian-Pacific region is showing the least positive performance with a high-risk reading of 89%. Last week the rating was 75% (high risk).

The Global Stock Market Risk Rating (GSMR) decreases to a score of 29% and changes to a new low-risk reading. Last week the GSMR reached a new medium risk level of 47%.  The regional stock risk score for the EAFE region (Europe, Australasia, and the Far East), measuring the aggregated potential risk of developed stock markets outside of the US and Canada, is showing the best performance, indicating a low-risk reading of 14%. Last week the score was 42% (new medium risk).  On the contrary, the RSMR for the African regions is indicating the least positive reading with a new low-risk level of 39%. Last week the rating was 57% (medium risk).

The Global US Dollar Risk Rating (GUSDR) closes at a medium risk level. The GUSDR remains unchanged at 58%. Last week the GUSDR reached a medium risk level of 58%.

The Global Gold Risk Rating (GXAUR) finishes at a risk score of 0% and remains at a low-risk level. Last week the GXAUR closed at 13% (low risk).

Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Our Share Market Traffic Light is on Green this week.

(The Traffic Light is on Green when the Australian share market shows both positive short and long-term trends. It’s on Red when these trends are both negative. It’s on Amber when one of these trends is positive and the other is negative.)

Australia: The local market ended a flat week with a rise in the news of a trade deal between the US and China and on a solid result in the UK elections which looks likely to cement Brexit. With the likelihood of improved global growth, increased trade, and better economic stability, markets around the world lifted. Gains were broad-based with most sectors finishing the week on a positive note, the odds of an interest rate cut early in the new year lengthened, and the $A rose.

America: US markets also rose this week. News that China has agreed to increase imports of US agricultural produce in exchange for the suspension of some tariffs raised hopes of an improvement in global growth and trade. On the downside, weekly jobless claims rose significantly and retail sales fell, however an improvement in global trade could be seen as a trigger for improvement.

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