Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast
Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast


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Hg Capital Advisors, LLC
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(November 7, 2019)
The Scary Guy Report starts tracking with one new strategy called "The Scary Guy The Razzmattaz Wave."
(October 29, 2019)
Automatic_Portfolio starts tracking with one new strategy called "Automatic_Portfolio."
(October 23, 2019)
MIPS Timing Systems LLC ends tracking their three .iwm models and changes other strategy names.
(October 7, 2019)
ETF Trade Advisor Ltd adds six new strategies to be tracked called "ETF Trade Advisor DIA, QQQ, TLT, TIP, SH, and SDS."
(October 3, 2019)
Robert Brandau adds one new strategy to be tracked called "Robert Brandau MTP Weekly."
(September 30, 2019)
ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. adds one new strategy to be tracked called "ProfitScore - ETMS."
(September 27, 2019)
Reppond Investments, Inc. ends tracking of five strategies called "Reppond Investments Aggressive Strategy, Sectors Strategy, and all Buy and Hold Strategies."
(September 18, 2019)
Taljit Sandhu starts tracking with one strategy called "Taljit Sandhu TQQQ/SQQQ."

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Sniper Market Timing

Sunday, November 10, 2019

US stock markets finished higher on Friday at new record highs. The US stock market risk decreased to a low-risk level of 19%. US tech stock risk closed lower at a low-risk reading of 19%.

The global stock risk rating (GSMR) sunk to a low-risk reading of 24%.
The regional stock risk score for the US, Canada, and Western Europe finished lower at a low-risk reading of 14%.

The global government bond risk benchmark (GBMR) closed higher at a high-risk reading of 86%.
The regional bond risk indication for the US, Canada, and Western Europe remained unchanged at a high-risk indication of 88%.

The global US Dollar risk score (GUSDR) finished at a medium risk level. GUSDR decreased to 46%.

The Global Gold Risk Rating (GXAUR) closed unchanged at a medium risk reading of 44%.

Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Australia: Optimism over a Phase 1 trade deal between the US and China helped lift the local market this week, triggering a fall in the price of gold as investors moved funds back into riskier assets such as equities. Resource stocks did not benefit from the cash flow as falling gold prices and a deteriorating security situation in Burkina Faso weighed on the sector.

America: As previously mentioned, hopes over a trade deal with China and a consequent winding back of tariffs propelled US markets higher this week, further boosted by an earnings season that largely produced better results than had been expected. President Trump's announcement on Friday that he had not agreed to any rollback of tariffs delivered a hiccup but the market finished the week with a gain nonetheless.

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