Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast
Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast

Enhanced TimerTrac Broadcast


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(September 11, 2019)
SwingTrade2 ends the tracking of one strategy called "SwingTrade2."
(September 7, 2019)
Teabull Asset Timer Ltd ends the tracking of all active strategies due to retirement.
(September 4, 2019)
TrendWerk TAAM starts tracking with five strategies called "TrendWerk TAAM Balanced 50, Growth 65, Max Growth, Portfolio 33, and Pure Equity Timing."
(August 23, 2019)
W. Wall and Company, Inc. ends the tracking of one strategy called "Wallco - Tactical Market Leader."
(August 6, 2019)
Glance Financial Advisors LLC. adds one new strategy to be tracked called "GLANCE_GS."
(July 24, 2019)
Paul Glance & Brian Glance changes developer name to Glance Financial Advisors LLC.
(July 6, 2019)
Brian Glance changes developer name to Paul Glance & Brian Glance.

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Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Australia: The All Ords had a mixed week, but a strong showing by financial stocks helped the market to post a small rise. Continued hopes for progress in US-China trade talks lifted sentiment, however, the miners had a mixed week with falls in the price of gold countering rising iron ore prices.

America: US markets posted another rise this week as both sides in the trade war made gestures of conciliation and talk of a limited trade agreement was reported. China resumed purchases of US agricultural produce and the US delayed an increase in tariffs on some Chinese goods.  Retail sales rose strongly, however, this is likely to be a reaction to the imminent introduction of a 15% tariff on a range of Chinese consumer goods including footwear, televisions, and clothing. Weekly jobless claims were down a little.

Sniper Market Timing

Sunday, September 15, 2019

US stock markets finished mostly lower on Friday. The US stock market risk increased to a low-risk level of 23%. US tech stock risk closed lower at a low-risk reading of 23%.

The Global Stock Market Risk Rating (GSMR) decreased to a low-risk reading of 29%.

The regional stock market risk score for the US, Canada, and Western Europe sunk to a low-risk reading of 21%.

The global bond market risk benchmark (GBMR) closed higher at a medium risk reading of 48%.

The regional bond risk indication for the US, Canada, and Western Europe finished higher at a medium risk indication of 46%.

The global US Dollar risk score (GUSDR) closed at a low-risk level. The GUSDR decreased to 17%.

The Global Gold Risk Rating (GXAUR) rose to a medium risk reading of 50%.

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