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Enhanced Timertrac Broadcast

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Developer Spotlight: Sniper Market Timing

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(June 29, 2019)

Teabull Asset Timer Ltd adds six new strategies to be tracked.          A version 1 and 2 for each "Teabull Stock Market, Teabull Bond Market, and Teabull Gold Market."                        
(June 26, 2019)  

Edison Capital starts tracking with one strategy called "Edison Capital Quant Street."

(June 13, 2019) 

Matthew Hanson starts tracking with one strategy called "Matthew Hanson Stocks." 

(May 24, 2019) 

ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. adds 1 new strategy to be tracked called "ProfitScore Treasury Market Stress" and ends 6 strategies called "ProfitScore EVOL, Extreme, LTSXF, SNCX, T-Bill, and USTX." 

(April 27, 2019)

BluStar Market Timer adds two new strategies to be tracked called "BluStarSM and BluStarGold." 

(April 19, 2019)

MIPS Timing Systems, LLC adds three new strategies to be tracked called "MIPS Timing System MIPS/Nitro55, MIPS33,and MIPS44."                    

(March 25, 2019)
Leveraged Momentum adds one new strategy to be tracked called "UPROTrends from Leveraged Momentum."

(March 18, 2019)
Leveraged Momentum ends the tracking of one strategy called "LevTrends."
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SNIPER Market Timing     

Monday, July 1, 2019

The regional stock market risk rating (RSMR) for the EAFE region (Europe, Australasia, and the Far East), measuring the aggregated potential market risk of developed stock markets

outside of the US and Canada, is showing the best performance, indicating a low-risk reading of 19%. Last week the score was at 20% (low risk). 

On the contrary, the RSMR for Africa is indicating the least positive reading at an unchanged low-risk level of 37%. Last week the rating was at 37% (low risk). 

All other regional stock market risk ratings are showing low-risk readings. 

US stock market risk rises to a low-risk level of 23% (last week: 22%, low risk). US tech stock risk closes at a low-risk reading of 21% (last week: 19%, low risk). 

The Global US Dollar Risk Rating (GUSDR) changes to a new high-risk level. The GUSDR closes at 62%. Last week the GUSDR reached a medium risk level of 50%. 

Teabull Asset Timer, Ltd.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Teabull Stock Market.1: Our Stock Market.1Oscillator sits well above its TBX Index. Thus, it is generating a short-term “Sell” signal for the Stock market as of the close of trade on June 28, 2019. 

Teabull Bond Market.1: Our Bond Market.1Oscillator is situated significantly above its TBX Index. Therefore, it is generating a short-term “Sell” signal for the Bond Markets of the close of trade on June 28, 2019. 

Teabull Gold Market.1: Our Gold Market.1Oscillator is positioned just above its TBX Index. Therefore, it is generating a short-term “Sell” signal for the Gold Market as of the close of trade on June 28, 2019. 

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Market Timing in Australia

Saturday, June 29,2019

Australia: Local markets took a breather this week, but still managed to post a solid 3% gain for the month. With a number of geopolitical and economic worries in play at the moment, all eyes are on the G20 meeting in Japan with hopes that progress can be made in the US-China trade war. Iron ore price rises slowed this week, but tensions in the Middle East saw a small rise in the price of crude oil. America: The 

US market also fell back a little this week as traders await the outcome of trade talks with China. There have been mixed signals from both sides, but there is hope that progress can be made before further tariffs are introduced.
In economic news, new home sales fell and weekly jobless claims were up. 


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