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Broadcast as of Tuesday June 18, 2019

Developer Spotlight: Sand 2 Pirls, Inc.

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Monday, June 17, 2019
With this past week’s market advance, our Bull/Bear Point and Figure Ratio at 0.76, rose from 0.72 last week. The total count of securities in bullish or bearish patterns decreased 1% to 3010. The count of bearish stocks decreased 4% while the count of stocks in bullish patterns increased 2%. The Sand 2 Pirls P&F Market Breadth Summary Chart shows us a market now five weeks in bearish territory.  

Market Timing in Australia
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Australia: Mining stocks rose strongly as the iron ore price continued to surge, reaching a five year high this week. The broader market rose on positive leads from overseas and optimism over easier finance thanks to interest rate cuts, however consumer discretionary stocks were down.

America: The US market continued to rise, boosted by rising oil stocks after tankers were attacked in the Gulf of Oman. Strong retail sales figures also helped boost sentiment. Next week's Federal Reserve meeting will be pivotal as traders are anticipating further interest rate cuts after recent comments. The trade war with China is dragging on however an agreement has been reached on refugee migration with Mexico, reducing concerns over supply chain disruptions.

Brian Glance
Friday, June 14, 2019
One of the best low-risk GLANCE portfolios over
the past 32 months has been GLANCE_TLT 2X plus GLANCE_USO with a better daily and monthly maximum drawdown than the S&P500 and with over 5 times the annual return. The Sharpe ratio is 2.60. The annual return is 57.9%. Click here to view the performance graph.

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(June 13, 2019)
Matthew Hanson starts tracking with one strategy called "Matthew Hanson Stocks".

(May 24, 2019)
ProfitScore Capital Management, Inc. adds 1 new strategy to be tracked called "ProfitScore Treasury Market Stress" and ends 6 strategies called "ProfitScore EVOL, Extreme, LTSXF, SNCX, T-Bill, and USTX".

(April 27, 2019)
BluStar Market Timer adds two new strategy to be tracked called "BluStarSM and BluStarGold".

(April 19, 2019)
MIPS Timing Systems, LLC adds three new strategy to be tracked called "MIPS Timing System MIPS/Nitro55, MIPS33 and

(March 25, 2019)
Leveraged Momentum adds one new strategy to be tracked called "UPROTrends from Leveraged Momentum".

(March 18, 2019)
Leveraged Momentum ends the tracking of one strategy called "LevTrends".